Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sodium silicate Polymer Lab

We made a Sodium silicate polymer by cross-linking Sodium silicate and Ethanol alcohol.  The two make a polymer.  A polymer is made by two or more monomers which are brought together by a cross linking agent.  In this experiment, the Ethanol is the cross linking agent.  Since we already knew that these would make a polymer, we decided to guess the characteristics of the new substance.  We guessed that this one would be a harder form.
This was taken after we molded it into a ball.  In comparison to the slime lab, this polymer was harder and required force to mold, it has a dampness on the surface of it, and a cloudy glassy look.  You could tell the reaction occurred because once I started mixing the two liquids a solid formed around the stirring rod.  
This small substance was attached to the stirring rod until it absorbed most of the liquids left.  In conclusion, this lab helped further progress our ability to measure properly in small amounts into a graduated cylinder.

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